ArtPop Street Gallery billboard, It’s up everyone!

ARTPOP STREET GALLERY WINNER!! posted on 2/12/2019  It’s up everyone!😁👍 Someone left a comment on my social media!… Hi John,    It is so wonderful seeing your billboard on my work commute. What a great idea ArtPop Street Gallery is. It is an inspiration on a highway filled with nothing but fast-driving cars and a world that is desperately in need of art! Best,  Lynnette Stauffer Cheer Clay Studio on billboard for one year!Many Thanks to ArtPop Street Gallery and Banana […] Read more »


Many Thanks to ArtPop Street Gallery and Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA !   I am one of 12 winners for 2019 who will have their artwork on a billboard for the entire year, beginning this month, across northeastern PA!       So, keep your eyes open and let me know if you see it in your travels.    Thank you all!!! Read more »

Two day Workshop w/ Guest Artist “John Cheer” at Art Center Manatee, Florida

 TWO DAY WORK SHOP at , Art Center Manatee, Florida March 12-13, 2016,    9:00AM-5:00PM LINK TO THE ART CENTER MANATEE  ( ) John Cheer, full-time clay artist whose distinctive work is in a class by itself, presents a trans-formative 2-day workshop for those interested in exploring design and techniques in both hand-building and wheel-throwing. The 1st day begins with John explaining why he creates and his philosophy and mental process involved in creating his uncommon ceramic works. DAY […] Read more »

Guest Artist Workshop w/ John Cheer

“special workshop in REHOBTH BEACH ART LEAGUE, DE” Come join me if you can  OCT-31-NOV-1-2015 INSTRUCTOR(S) Cheer, John PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Are you already pretty good at pottery? John Cheer will teach you how to make larger forms and explore new ways to approach the clay with unique forms and styles. Hand building: Design your own project and learn different hand-building and texture making techniques suited toward your project. Are you imagining faces or flowers? It is all possible. Lets awaken […] Read more »