Two day Workshop w/ Guest Artist “John Cheer” at Art Center Manatee, Florida

John Cheer teaching on Ebru TV Blank Canvas


John Cheer, full-time clay artist whose distinctive work is in a class by itself, presents a trans-formative 2-day workshop for those interested in exploring design and techniques in both hand-building and wheel-throwing. The 1st day begins with John explaining why he creates and his philosophy and mental process involved in creating his uncommon ceramic works.


Techniques That Inspire:

A Hand-Building Workshop

Beginner – Intermediate

Approach clay differently! John will guide you in seeing the creative path as you discover and realize your own project. Explore hand-building, texture-making, movement and flow, as avenues to express creativity. John will also share his methods for constructing sculptural components of the face.


Techniques That Enable:

A Wheel-Throwing Workshop

Beginner – Intermediate

Have you ever tried to throw on the wheel and been quickly discouraged? In this workshop, John teaches his technique to center the clay in 3 seconds. That is correct. You will center the clay in 3 seconds, using a systematic, practical approach that will leave you confident even after the workshop ends. Are you already confident with centering? John takes you to the next level, learning techniques to throw bigger and better forms.

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  1. Janet Albertson says:

    Do you have any workshops scheduled for 2020? I just met you in Holmes Beach and am so inspired by your work. I did see you conducted a workshop at the Art Center of manatee a few years ago. Any plans to do this again?

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